3ea. Bright NVIS Green A LEDs

Compatible with all night vision goggles and devices. Preserves dark adaptation. Uses 2ea. AA batteries (not included). Can be used on the standard M-138 Armor crewmember microphone, or other like microphone on a helmet or headset. A Generation III product. Has a Push ON - Push OFF switch that can be actuated by the lip or tongue.

Includes: 1ea. CL-16, 1ea. BGAA, 1"x1.75" adhesive backed loop velcro, 2ea. wire ties, 1ea. ML-2-7, 1ea. self-adhesive clear clip, 0.5"x1" adhesive backed plastic velcro, 1ea. header card, 1ea. insulating shield

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3ea. Bright NVIS Green A LEDs

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